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Sunscoop - Take Your Skincare Game Up A Notch With 'upto 25% Off' Bumper Deal On Sunscoop Sunscreen | Buy 1 Get 15% Off, Buy 2 & Get 25% Off

Sunscoop - Take your skincare game up a notch with 'UPTO 25% OFF' bumper deal on Sunscoop Sunscreen | BUY 1 GET 15% OFF, BUY 2 & GET 25% OFF

கடைசி தேதி : 30-04-2024

Mamaearth - Pamper Your Skin With The Goodness Of Mamaearth Essentials Available At 'upto 20% Off' Offer | Upto 20% Off

Mamaearth - Pamper your skin with the goodness of Mamaearth essentials available at 'UPTO 20% OFF' Offer | UPTO 20% OFF

கடைசி தேதி : 30-04-2024

Jaquline Usa - Discover The Epic Glow This Season With This Blowout Offer: 'deals Start At Rs.75' | Deals Start At Rs.75

Jaquline USA - Discover The Epic Glow this season with this blowout offer: 'Deals start at Rs.75' | Deals start at Rs.75

கடைசி தேதி : 30-04-2024

Lotus - Avail Knockout Deal Of The Month: Upto 30% Off On Lotus Spf That Is A Real Must-have | Upto 30% Off

Lotus - Avail knockout deal of the month: UPTO 30% OFF on Lotus SPF that is a real must-have | UPTO 30% OFF

கடைசி தேதி : 30-04-2024

L'oreal - Put Your Best Face Forward With This Bumper Deal On L'oreal Cult Favourites | Upto 50% Off

L'Oreal - Put your best face forward with this bumper deal on L'Oreal cult favourites | UPTO 50% OFF

கடைசி தேதி : 30-04-2024

Maybelline - Amp Up Your Makeup Routine With An Irreristible Deal Of 'upto 50% Off' On Maybelline Essentials | Upto 50% Off

Maybelline - Amp up your makeup routine with an irreristible deal of 'UPTO 50% OFF' on Maybelline essentials | UPTO 50% OFF

கடைசி தேதி : 30-04-2024

Sugar - Keep Your Makeup Game In Check With This Blowout Offer On Sugar Collection: 'upto 50% Off' | Upto 50% Off

Sugar - Keep your makeup game in check with this blowout Offer on Sugar collection: 'UPTO 50% OFF' | UPTO 50% OFF

கடைசி தேதி : 30-04-2024

Sunfest - Embrace The Sun, Shield Your Skin With Spf Favourites From Top Brands

Sunfest - Embrace the sun, Shield your skin with SPF favourites from top brands

கடைசி தேதி : 30-04-2024

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NewU is the one stop beauty destination that gives you access to shop a comprehensive range of makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, personal grooming products from renowned and distinguished brands. We strive to make your shopping experience a pleasant one by offering exclusive and exciting deals.
The address of this store is பீனிக்ஸ் மால் G 17 ஆட்சி, பிலிப்ஹிட் பைபாஸ், உஜ்ஜ்வல் பிச், மகானகர் காலனி, பேரெல்லி, உத்தர் பராத்திஷ்.


  • 4.7


  • Avantika Sharma
    Posted on: 08-04-2024
    • 5

    Good range of her gh quality products. Azhar Hussain was really good in helping us out find what we needed . Excellent experience. Highly recommended 👍

  • Gourav 007
    Posted on: 02-04-2024
    • 4

    Nice shop

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